Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Much Needed Facelift

The kitchen is almost done.  The main changes that we have been needing to make are complete.  There are just a few decorative things that I need to change, the window treatment, the two large barstools, the outlet covers, and just a few other small details.  For the window treatment I want something red I think, for the barstools, I want something black with no cushions, and the outlet covers I want to change to the same finish as our faucet and hardware.

Let's start with what the kitchen looked like when we moved in...

Please excuse my chunkiness, I had just had Madi about 1.5 months before this.  Cut me some slack!!

Then....we painted and the kitchen looked like this...
much better if you ask me, but I still wanted some granite.

So, I got me some granite...

Looking better right?
But it can still get better, and it has!!!

I'll get right to the pictures.

Drumroll please!

Ta Da!!

Can you see the changes?  The biggest change is the island.  We bought some bead board, painted it red and then distressed it with some black paint.  The hubby did this for me, he is so dang talented, and I'm so lucky!  Isn't it gorgeous?  Here is the front side...

and the side...

and another view...

Man those bar stools look pathetic, I'm on a search for some newbies and can't wait to start shopping.

We also purchased some new corbels that I love and I think make the island even better.

Next up, we finally installed our hardware...it matches our faucet and I'm hoping to get switch plate covers to match as well.

I also installed the same hardware on our hutch.

Have I showed you my wonderful new sink and faucet yet?  I'm in love, so in love...

And just a few more pictures of the new and improved kitchen...

And a few from the family room.

and a comparison picture, it's not the best but it'll do...



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