Saturday, April 18, 2009

Your Sugar Rush Goes Postal

This is very exciting for me because it means that my business is expanding. Of course, we can't ship cakes, but cookies we can no problem. I'm 99% sure the cookies are going to show up fine and all in one piece but until I know FOR SURE, I'm not advertising it on my website. The cookies are going out this afternoon for delivery tomorrow. I can't wait to get the word that they are fine and in perfect condition, of course I say that right now and some weird thing is going to happen to them, like they are going to get trampled on by horses or something.

These cookies are for a baby shower for a boy. My sweetie didn't really have a theme so I matched her napkins and plates. I love the colors, blue and green are always so pretty together. These cookies were fun because usually I'm making my own cookie cutter these days for custom orders, and this time I got to do original baby shower cookies. I haven't done these since I first started doing cakes and cookies, so it was a lot of fun! I color matched some what of an in between of the colors on the napkin. I didn't want to use all the different shades of greens and blues so I went with a mix and I love the way they turned out. I wanted to make sure the green and blue looked pretty together and I think they do. Enjoy!
*** Woo Hoo!! My sweetie received her package and her exact words were that the cookies arrived yesterday and that they were perfectly intact!! Excellent! ***



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