Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Who Wishes They Were Me?

Who wishes they were me right now. Ever since we switched payroll companies at work, I've been so all over the place. Normally, I'm an organized freak, any other way and I just can't deal. So today I took on the process of organizing, believe it or not these piles are organized, or were before Riley took a swim in them. I'm taking a break from craziness for a second before I dive back in. It's one of those days, Riley has a fever, I have this crazy work to get done, my house is a mess, I have a cookie order to complete, and I want to just sit and watch the backs of my eye lids. Welcome to my life people!! The only good thing right now is that the girls are both in their rooms hopefully sleeping, cross your fingers. I get asked all the time how I do all of this S*&T, and it's because I live right outside the land of crazy. Who wishes they were me?



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I'm Kristi, the wife of one very lucky and handsome husband, and mother to two beautiful little girls. I'm honest and sarcastic, funny and easy going. I love to eat and love to hate that I love butter. And wine. And did I mention butter? I'm always learning new things, happy to lend a hand, and love my life. This is a blog of my family and the day to day crazy that we call Rush Hour. I hope while you are here that you enjoy yourself and come back often!

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