Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What Have the Rushes Been Up To

So I was just looking back at my blog posts and realized that almost everything I've posted lately has been a cookie or cake order, my Mother in Law must be going crazy for something other than that!! So, I decided I'd post a lot of pictures of the other things we've been doing. Mostly of the house. I've been really busy with orders and we have not been doing anything fun. I'm sure Riley is dying to go to the park or something, she asks me to go Bye Bye every day, we do, but no where fun. So here are some pics of the downstairs. I've been having so much fun shopping for the house and everything is really coming together nicely, I love to be at home. Beware, I've posted a lot of pictures of the same room but everything is so new and nice I wanted to capture it all.

So I have to include a picture of what the house looked like when we moved in.

And today, now, I'm planning on taking the valance down off of the window to match the little window. I wanted to live with it for a while to see what I liked better. There is also a panel and two valances on our slider, but I didn't take pics.

Yes, that's a baby on the sectional.

My new mirror, I don't know if you click on it if you can see the detailing.


Some artwork, you can see this from the front door when you come in.

View from the back wall, where those pictures are.

Here is Riley checking out the new rug.

Riley not wanting me to take a picture of her....brat.

BaBa gave the girls their Easter presents early because she bought Riley a really pretty dress that I want her to wear to church. Madi has an outfit similar that my Mom bought her and I really want to go take the girls to get their pics taken. I've been such a bad Mom, not bad, just busy and I really need to get some good pictures taken. It's hard to have a baby and move into a house and work and do side jobs and clean, etc. I'm so tired today it's like it's all catching up with me. Oh well, I'll sleep when I'm dead, now where did my coffee go???

Riley loves her new ball from BaBa, and wants Madi to play with her ball at the same time. Riley really does love her sister a lot, I'll post about that later!

Not much has changed in the living room except for a couple of pillows and a front door rug.

Look what my Mommy bought me for my front door for Easter, so pretty! Thanks Mom!



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