Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Jail Birds

I'm only posting this right now because my Mom can't wait to see how these cookies turned out.

So this order was for one of my Mom's friends. Apparently one of her friends was wrongfully accused of a crime in Texas. This woman went back to Texas because her father passed away. His father had a ex girlfriend that stalked him, they were 60, 70 years old mind you. Well, the family got a restraining order against this crazy woman, and they asked her to please not come to the funeral out of respect for their family. Well this lady is crazy so she showed up at the funeral, and went up to this woman, and said I'm so sorry for your loss, B*&%H. Wow!!! So they than proceeded to tell her that they have a restraining order and she legally can't be there. So I'm sure there were words, and the daughter put her arm around crazy's shoulders and escorted her out, and when they got outside, she gave her a strong nudge out the building. Well three hours later, the cops showed up. Well, long story short, there was a restraining order and nothing happened, but here are the cookies for this surprise meeting this morning. My Mom's friend gave me an invitation to copy the jail birds on it. These were fun, and so detail oriented, they took a while. I had to hand sketch these out with the icing, fill, and then go over my lines again. But man were they fun, and I chuckled throughout the order!! I hope I got the story right, my Mom's friend is going to email it to me so that I can put it on my Sugar Rush page.



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