Tuesday, April 7, 2009

This One's For Joy

This one is for you Joy. I have a couple orders coming up this week that I know are going to find their way to the blog so I thought I'd squeeze some kiddos in before that happens. These are a few pictures that I've taken the past couple of days. We have not been out to do anything fun, so these pics might be a little boring.

Riley is obsessed with Madison. She loves her, and I mean loves her. When I was pregnant, I did not think Riley was going to love her this much. She was so young that I was sure she'd be jealous and have a really hard time with the adjustment. Well, boy was I wrong. It started about two weeks ago when I was on my way to Target to get a vacuum. I was on the phone with my Mom to discuss what is a "good" vacuum. My Mom then asked me if I was alone, a.k.a. without the babes. I told her that Riley was with me and the baby was at home with Tim. Well, that's when the crocodile tears just started pouring out of her eyes. She started pointing at the baby's seat, and could barely get out, "Baby, where's the baby, ohhh, baby..." This went on the entire way to Target, yeah it's only like four minutes away, but I felt so sad for Riley. I had no idea! See, I'm with my girls 24/7, we are close. I just didn't realize that Riley could feel that way, so I got her some M&Ms. So after this incidence, Riley wants the baby with us at all times. If the baby is taking a nap, there are tears, if Dad has the baby upstairs, and Riley and I are downstairs, we are upset. She wants the baby to eat her food, wear her Elmos (that's what we call diapers), play with her toys, everything. She does not want Madison to not be in the same room she is. There have been times that she has asked me where the baby is and I say sleeping and without me knowing, she'll go into her bedroom and just sit in the rocker. It's so funny and I couldn't be happier with Riley's attachment to Madison. Too me it's really unbelievable and totally unexpected. So our new routine is when Riley wakes up from her nap, usually the baby is still sleeping, so she waits patiently while playing with her toys for Madi to wake up. As soon as she hears a peep, she runs to me and tells me the baby is up, like I can't hear her. We run, well Riley runs, and I walk into Madison's room and get the baby. Riley hops up on the glider and wants the baby to sit right next to her. She gives her hugs and kisses and is so excited that Madison is awake. So here are some pictures of a recent after nap.

As you can see in this picture, Madison is still waking up.

Here are just some other pictures from the last couple of days.

Sometimes after Riley's nap I let her sit on the bed to watch a show. This time she didn't want it any other way then to watch with the baby. I was not allowed on the bed.

Finally I got to sit on the bed, and can you believe that Riley took these next two pics? Not bad Riley!!



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