Friday, April 10, 2009

You Have the Right to Remain Silent

I never thought that I'd do jail bird cookies, and a Riverside Sheriff's cake all in the same week. It's like cops and robbers. This cake was for a young man that just graduated the Riverside Sheriff's Academy. While speaking with his fiance, we discussed the ugly colors of the Riv. Sheriffs. I think she described the green as a puke green. Green and yellow are their colors. I looked on their website and their uniforms are better colors than what I expected so instead of going with straight up forest green and bright yellow, I went with a khaki and more of an olive green. So many colors went into the green that I really don't know what to call it! But, I think the green turned out great. It's a two tier and the requests of my sweetie was that it have the little sheriff's car and doughnuts. She also requested that it say Mmm doughnuts somewhere near the doughnuts, this was some sort of an inside joke with the cadets. I asked if she had handcuffs, weird question to ask a sweetie, and she did, so she gave me those too. I did a badge out of fondant, which I then painted with gold luster dust. I did the writing and borders on the badge with butter cream and then painted some gold edible glitter on it. I wish the pictures of that turned out better. In real life, it looked like a real badge that was shiny. The camera tended to make the glitter look patchy, but you'll get the idea. It said Deputy Sheriff Bruce with his badge number. The doughnuts are regular glazed doughnuts that I covered in the khaki colored butter cream and sprinkled with green and yellow sprinkles! I dropped it off a couple of hours ago, and they loved it! It fit right in with their party decor, and I was told that I am now their official cake designer, so fun! So here she, or should I say he is.



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