Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New Finds

On Saturday I took my friend Tracy shopping with the girls. She moved here from Vermont and lives down in Murrieta. She loves to shop and also likes to bargain shop, so I took her to my favorite places. We spent most of our time at Home Goods and Tai Pan, I was going to take her to the best TJ Maxx in the world and Kirklands but the girls ran out of steam. They were angel babies on Saturday. Riley went without a nap all day long, we got a late start and got home around 4:00, instead of the usual 1:30 - 2:00. I can't even tell you how good Riley was I was so proud of her. Tracy fell in love with Home Goods and can't wait to go out again. Joy, it reminded me of the first time you went, I love Home Goods virgins. It changes their lives forever. So here are a few of my finds from Saturday. I still need so much stuff but I unfortunately don't have unlimited funds. That's okay though, it's fun to see my house transform with just a few small purchases. Plus, when I get it all done, what will I have to shop for? Clothes? Not as much fun, well it was when I was skinny. ;)

Some artwork for Riley's room. I'm so happy with the way this looks in her room, I just have to hang it! This makes a huge difference and I'm glad I found it before I found a rug and curtains, it allows me to pull from all the colors in her bedding, instead of just the blue.

I bought more lemons to fill up this puppy that my Mom bought me.

My martini glasses, I tried to get a pic of the simple design around it. I love them and Bohemians taste delicious out of them! Tracy was supposed to join us for Bohemians and dinner after shopping, but forgot that her other vehicle does not have enough seating for all three of her boys and her hubby. So we cancelled dinner, next time Tracy!

Pillows for my bench. I'm going to spray this bench a chocolate brown, or maybe a rusty red, still not sure which.

A new trash bin for my upstairs desk complete with some trash.

I also got two cake domes, but I have a feeling they are both going to my Mom so I can't claim one as my own just yet.



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