Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Outfits From Nana and Grandad

We got some cute pictures of the girls in their outfits from Nana and Grandad. I know that all mothers think that their kids are beautiful, but I really do. God has given me two amazing little girls. Riley is turning into a little girl right before my eyes, and Madi is this happy, smiling little baby. I love them so much, more and more everyday. Have I made anyone puke yet? Seriously, I couldn't imagine my life without them. Well I could, but as busy as I may be, I don't miss life before them. They are my life now and it gets hard at times, a lot of times, but it's all so worth it. I have a little girl that calls me Mommy and it's the best sound in the world! The other one screams all the time, but I'd rather hear her scream all day everyday then never at all, there is nothing like her smile when I come to rescue her from her unwanted nap!! Kids make you realize how blessed you really are. Tim and I don't have much, but we have a beautiful house, food to put on the table, two gorgeous babies, and a wonderful family. In times like these, I feel lucky to have just that, just that is what Tim and I have been praying for since we've been together. God is good.

Girls' Night Out??? Am I invited?

Guess so!!



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