Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Where Do You Eat Your Second Helping?

This morning, we did our usual routine where I fix Riley breakfast and then I fix Madi breakfast and feed it to her. Riley is the slowest eater in the world, next to her Daddy. After Madison finished her breakfast, I cleaned her up and set her on the rug. I then took her dishes to the sink to rinse them and put them in the dishwasher. Well, while my back was "turned" Madi crawled to her favorite spot downstairs, under the table. This really is no big deal normally. But today it got a little quiet. You know, too quiet. I went over to see what Madi was doing and apparently, Riley had fed her one of her french toast sticks. That's right, we need a dog. She was under the table smackin down on some french toast stick. Oh she loved it. Riley thinks she is so smart, feeding her Brussels sprouts to the dog while her mother's back is turned. Enjoy the pictures, these kids crack me up!

My fav pic, look at that face!

Riley saw that I was taking pictures so she went to get her camera, while Madi munched away.



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