Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Help Me Please

Okay so most of you know how difficult of a child Riley is, which is fine but hard. Our "potty training" has gone no where. I shouldn't say no where, she's gone from being deathly afraid of even looking at her potty, to sitting on the potty with an Elmo (diaper), to sitting on the potty without an Elmo, and to pushing. But, as soon as she feels like she needs to go potty, she screams and cries for an Elmo. I'm so tired of even trying to do this. I'm going to go to Barnes and Nobles hopefully one day this week to close my eyes and pick a book but we'll see. I've tried the M&M trick which doesn't work because she never goes, and she LOVES M&M's. You'd think she'd make an exception. The girl is stubborn. So, I'm asking all of you for some tips. I don't care who you are I need some advice. I always think that Riley is kind of like a boy when it comes to her maturity level. When I say mature, I don't mean mature like and adult, let's get that one straight, I'm not crazy okay? Well maybe a little but that's another story.
I feel like I've tried everything I can think of and nothing works. She even knows that if she goes potty even once on the toilet, she gets to wear a Dora. She can tell me the entire process of going on the potty but won't actually do it. Everything is a struggle with this girl, everything. So please help me, anyone. Is there anyone out there that knows the answer??????? All I'm asking for is just a half second of piddle on the potty, come on. She's definitely not dumb, she is very smart and understands everything about it so...why no tinkle?

By the way, I've tried:

1. Putting the potty in front of the TV.

2. Giving her books to read while on the potty.

3. Going on the big potty.

4. Putting the contents of her diaper in the potty and flushing so that she knows that is where it is supposed to go. Saying, "bye, bye potty."

5. Screaming...on the inside of course.

6. Letting her run around the house naked, praying for at least an accident, she holds it in until I put an Elmo on her, she's run around for an hour and a half, with the last half hour of her needing to go pee pee.

7. Showing her how Mommy goes potty.

8. Books, movies.

9. Crying.

10. ETC.



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