Monday, July 20, 2009

Pool Time

I FINALLY got some pictures and it didn't happen this weekend like I said it would. It happened today. This weekend, I spent most of our waking hours over at my Mom's house to let Riley go swimming. Tim worked all weekend so he missed out on some of the fun. I got some floaties for Riley and she absolutely loves them, she's all over the pool in those! My Dad also taught her how to swim with her face under the water and she's getting more brave with that. I really need to look into some swimming lessons for her. I'll put it on my growing list of things to do! I know that there are a lot of pictures here but I'm making up for lost time. I didn't get any pics this weekend because it was just me and the girls so it was either get pictures and let them swallow gallons of water, or not take pictures and keep everyone safe. I opted for keeping everyone safe!! I'm so grateful that my Mom and Dad have this great big pool for us to swim in, plus if you stay long enough, my Mom will make dinner and throw a beer at you. It's not bad if you ask me! I could get used to that! The girls are doing good taking naps at my Mom's house now so that makes it even more fun. It was so hard to deal with cranky babies at my Mom's and now that they take naps, it's so relaxing. I think next time we go over to swim it will be right at nap time, and I'll put the girls down and float in the pool all alone!!!

My Mom got some great shots of the girls in the pool, I think she's getting really good behind the camera.

Madi's favorite thing to do is just kick back on Mommy's chest and float. She's so relaxed in the pool.
I had to post a picture of Riley's hair. This little pony tail is what we call a Ms. Russo. That was my second grade teacher. She used to do her hair like this and my Mom asked her how she did it because I wanted my hair to look just like hers. Well, I do it on Riley's hair now and it looks so pretty with all of her curly hair. I'll post more pictures of it when her hair is dry. Man I wish I had Riley's curls!!


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