Monday, July 27, 2009

My Little Riley Rose...

Here is that post that I promised...

Riley turned two and a half almost exactly a month ago. It's so hard to believe how big she has gotten. She's turning into a little girl right before my eyes.

Riley's 10 Favorites:

1. The color blue - everything has to be blue, her blue plate, blue spoon, blue shirt, everything but her pink shoes for these, she makes an exception.
2. Bee Movie. Enough said.
3. Grandma's house. She LOVES the pool, and apparently a party. The other day she asked me,
"Go to Grandma's house?"
Me: "Okay, we can go to Grandma's house."
R: "And go in the pool?"
M: "Yes, we can go in the pool."
R: "With Daddy?"
M: "Okay."
R: "And Uncle Sean?"
M: "Maybe."
R: "And Baba?"
M: "Um, okay..." Thinking where is this going?
R: "And Pop Pop?
M: "Ohhh, Riley, do you want to have a party?"
R: "Ohay (Okay) at Grandma's house!!!"
Oh brother, the girl likes a party, who can blame her? We have a good time! She then proceeded to tell me everything else we were going to do at Grandma's house.
4. Milk, she loves milk especially hot milk.
5. Macaroni and cheese and pudding. The only things she will eat almost all of the time.
6. The park and the water park.
7. Daddy, he is her favorite toy.
8. Riding in the car at the grocery store. Man do I love this thing. A cookie, some chocolate milk, and I have a good shopper!
9. Playing dress up.
10.Playing with Madison. She always asks me if the Baby can play too. She still does not say Madison unless I ask her to. Madi is Baby to Riley.

Riley's 10 Least Favorite Things:

1. Food.
2. Nap time.
3. Not going to Grandma's house.
4. Food.
5. Getting her hair brushed, and done.
6. When Madi steals "her" toys.
7. Food.
8. Going potty on the toilet.
9. Broken Pacifiers
10. Food.

More About Riley because, it is all about her.

Riley is a little drama queen and has many "faces" she is back to doing her scared face. This is when she says she is scared or something is scary and puts her mouth in a frown, opens her eyes wide, and shakes her whole body. I think she's destined to be an actress.

Riley has a very short attention span. The girl can't sit still., unless she's watching Bee Movie. Sometimes we can get through a book but most of the time, she wants to see what is on the next page. She plays with her toys okay but gets very frustrated if she can't get something right away. She will get mad and go on to the next thing. Coloring lasts all of five minutes if I'm lucky. She'd rather watch me do it then do it herself. I think she's a little embarrassed because she does not color in between the lines...

Her talking has gotten much better. She was a slow start to this whole talking thing. She would communicate to me in other ways, like sign language and pointing and that whole bit, but talking she didn't even start until she was about 18 months, and it was a slow process. She was a very quiet baby, she never babbled or anything and never did anything until she was comfortable doing it. Now, she will repeat any word I ask her to and is very happy to do it, she's getting there! I think by 3 everyone will be able to know what Riley is saying. Not just me and the fam. And the girl never shuts up! Our car rides are very vocal.

She is a great jumper, runner, splasher, etc. She loves to play. She's actually getting really good at catching the ball. That is if she watches it all the way. She is pretty athletic already, I'm looking forward to seeing what sport she ends up playing. Notice how I said sport and not cheerleading. That's how we roll over in the Rush house.

Riley is a very stubborn and strong willed girl. I love her so much. I can't imagine my life without her. I used to be very patient before I had kids. Riley tests me everyday in every way that she can and drives me nuts, but I still love her to death. She is the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. I think she is stunning and I know I'm her Mom and I'm supposed to think that, but seriously, she's gorgeous and obviously gets it from her father. She is really a great kid. She lights up when she sees Daddy and always tells me she lubs me when I tuck her in at night. She is beautiful inside and out (isn't that just what ugly people say? movie line...) But seriously she is. I love her so much and everyday she is turning more into a little girl than a baby.


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