Monday, July 6, 2009

That's Mrs. Mean Mommy to You

I'm done. I've had it. I've had it with a lot of things. Tonight is the night that I have become Mean Mommy. Maybe it has something to do with Madison being up for four hours almost every night, either in a row, or every other hour, for months and months now. Or maybe it has something to do with Madison not sleeping during the day. Or maybe it has something to do with Riley waking Madi up when I finally get her to sleep. Maybe, let's just say, it's because Madison REFUSES to take a bottle, it doesn't matter what kind of nipple is on there, she HATES it. Or let's go in an entirely different direction. Maybe it has something to do with Riley never eating anything except for Macaroni and cheese. Or maybe it has something to do with Riley screaming, "NO!!!!!!!!" every time Madison picks up ANYTHING, it could be a crumb and Riley throws a fit. Maybe it has something to do with Riley REFUSING to ever use the potty. Oh she'll sit on it, but won't go unless she has an Elmo on (that's a diaper). Or maybe it has something to do with me being sick of Riley still having "baby" things. OR, MAYBE all of this is stemming from the fact that I never get a break from the girls. I do, but it's two hours at a time, and it's DEFINITELY not often enough. So tonight, I broke. I clipped Riley's paci, every night, it gets another clip until, oh, hello, no more nipple to suck on. And, the potty thing, I hate it. I think she might get the idea when she is 17 years old. She threw a fit tonight because she wanted to wear a Dora (that's a pull up). I reminded her that Dora's are for big girls that use the potty, not for babies that go pee pee and dookey in their pants. We have yet to see the day when Riley goes ANYTHING on the potty. I'm a "mean mommy." That's what Riley said today. "You're mean Mommy." Followed by a frown. That's nice Dear, I don't really care.

We clipped the paci and she threw a mini fit because her paci was broken. It seemed to be okay for a while, but just recently, she asked for her blue pacifier because she thinks that one is still okay. Well it's not, and it will never be again. Waa Haa Haa Haa. Is that sick to laugh like that? I told you, I'm done, I've had it, I'm done. No more baby Riley. I'm tired, and I'm done, it's on to big girl days.



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