Monday, July 13, 2009

Wedding Cake

I've had a few requests to post this cake that I did on Saturday for a wedding. I have limited time so I'll give a few details. It's a three tier with delicious fillings that I'll get into later on my Sugar Rush page. We changed up this design two days before the wedding because the florist decided not to throw the flowers in for the bride. So yeah, that's always fun. I did a simple dot design on the top and bottom tiers and the middle tier had a floral design on the front and the back. The sides were left with just a few dragees on the plain icing. I did two ribbons on the sides that layed down the cake onto the cake table, I loved the way it turned out. Unfortunately, our lighting SUCKED and I edited as best as I could. The middle design you can't see as well as I would like but in person it was gorgeous. We got many ohhs and ahhs as we set up the cake and did our finishing touches.

Do to the increase in volume that I've recently had with my sweets, I'm probably only going to post the sweets that I've done in one monthly post. If I get requests for certain cakes, I'll try my best to post them. I'm also going to try to post them as I do them on my Sugar Rush page but I'm very quickly running out of time to do anything, I'm lucky to pee these days. I have two orders that I have yet to post and three more for this week that will probably not get on here for a while. I apologize to those of you that like to see my stuff as soon as I complete them. I would like to get as many pictures of the girls up here and sometimes I feel like the cakes and cookies are taking up to many posts. So one long one should do it at the end of the month. If this keeps up I might have to quit my day job! Enjoy!



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