Monday, July 20, 2009


...after the pool.

We swam today for quite a while and Riley is never ready to get out. This time was different though. We had to get out. We actually got chased out by one of these...

that's right, we got chased out by a Pollen Jock. Riley and I ran out of the spa as fast as we could screaming Pollen Jocks, and Riley screamed, "Chollen Jocks!" The crazy thing chased the three of us (Madi, Riley, and Me) all the way around the pool and then up to the house. The nerve of those Pollen Jocks, maybe we looked like three tennis balls, I don't know...

Anyway, my Dad got home and Riley "forced" him to take her back outside. That girl could live in the water. She also thinks that if she can take her diaper off then she is automatically allowed to go in the pool. Whatever!! I got some cute pics of the Grandfolk with the kiddos. I don't know, I think they must like my girls or something. What do you think?



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