Monday, November 2, 2009

Last Week

I've been a blog slacker lately and it's for good reason, I'm busy okay. I have pictures from the pumpkin patch and Halloween and all that good stuff and I figured I'd combine them all and do one post. I know October is over but oh well, bare with me.

The Pumpkin Patch

First off, the pumpkin patch. We went last Sunday after Madi's birthday party and we had some company. Gwamom and Pop Pop, and also Baba and Gi Gi. Riley of course didn't go on anything. Except for one time down a slide with Daddy. She is such a thrill seeker, I tell you! She barely even touched the animals at the petting zoo, which was okay with me because they looked like they all had a terrible, terrible disease, I've never seen such nasty looking animals! It was fun, but not the best time we had ever had in our entire lives. After the patch the folks came over to eat some leftover Mexican food from the party. Overall, it was a fun and relaxing day!!

Pumpkin Carving

Next up, pumpkin carving. If you don't remember my post from last year about pumpkin carving, then you won't know why we go to the extreme when it comes to any kind of anything that could be considered art work. Click here if you'd like to find out why. We were scheduled to carve our pumps Friday night, but, unfortunately for the girls, they got sick. They had been sick all week but on Friday, Riley told me that her ear hurt. So, being that it was Friday, I decided to take her to the dr. It's a good thing that I did because both girls had and have ear infections. NICE!!! Thank God I took them on Friday. A few doses of the antibiotics and they were feeling much better, so we carved our pumpkins on Saturday morning. Tim was unable to join in the fun because he had to work but Sean and I tried to make him proud. Sean carved a spooky tree, my Mom carved a traditional pumpkin with Riley, and I carved a Minnie Mouse pumpkin in honor of Riley being Minnie for Halloween. We all did our pumpkins free hand, we got our ideas online and then did them ourselves, no templates for us, that's how we roll. Too be honest, I was going to use a template and then my brother called me a cheater so I didn't.

My Auntie Diane was in town and she joined us for pump carving. My Mommy brought over some yummy cinnamon rolls and I made a big pot of coffee and we settled in for some good old pumpkin carving. Riley really enjoyed it this year, she carved her pumpkin all by herself. Really. She did.

On a side note, I wish I knew how to get a really old video on here because my Mom has the cutest home video of Sean when he was two or three years old telling my Mom and Dad, "no cut pump." It's the cutest thing ever!

Look at my little multitasker, she is carving and taking pictures at the same time. She told me she was going to blog it.

Poor little Madi did not feel good.

But she dug out pumpkin guts anyway!

Our finished pumpkins. You can't see the bow on Minnie because of the angle.


Trick or Treat!! Riley loved Trick or Treating this year. LOVED it! I think she's finally hit the age where she loves all the holiday stuff. I've been waiting for this!! I can't even tell you how much fun I had on Halloween. Just to see how excited Riley got about everything. She let me do her makeup, get her dressed, do her hair. I was shocked. She definitely knew what we were doing this year. I'm smiling just thinking about it! I thought for a while that Madi would not be joining us for trick or treating because she really was not feeling good. But, after her really late and long nap, she woke up right as we were heading out. My Mom and I quickly threw her costume on and away we went!!

I feel like I didn't get any good pictures of Halloween. To much going on and kids that are way too excited equals, at least for me, bad pictures. Oh well, at least we captured the moments!

This was always my favorite part of Halloween. When my Mom did my makeup, ah, I loved it, so I figured it's never to early to start with Riley!

How precious is this picture???

Just a look at all of her pretty curls.

Riley next to her pumpkin.

This is a series of pictures that I took to try to get Riley to pose for me. It didn't work. I got fake smile, fake smile, fake smile.

The shoes, since I couldn't get a picture of her whole outfit.

I had no luck with Madison either. No good pictures!!

We ran into another Minnie while Trick or Treating. They had a lot to talk about.

And all Minnie's love a good hug.

When we were all done Trick or Treating, Madison and Riley made a mess out of Mommy's house. Can you believe the first thing Riley wanted to eat out of her pumpkin was Goldfish crackers? What a weirdo!!!

Madison smacked down on some candy that was still wrapped.

Happy Halloween!
Don't worry, it's all over. There are no more pictures. I promise.



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