Saturday, November 21, 2009

And it Begins...

For many of you, this may have already started, and for those of you that I hate right now, this for you may already be complete, and for those of you that may be in denial, this is not going to go away...


I have my lists, and ideas, and all that jazz.

I think I'm going to start tomorrow.  I just got finished emailing my hubby's lists to those that are in need of it.  I'm starting tomorrow.  I'm finishing tomorrow.  Don't laugh.  I will finish on Sunday.  I have to.  There is no other time for me to do it.  So this weekend, I'll be done.  I even have my wrapping paper and ribbon purchased and ready for me to bring home all of my wonderful gifts to start wrapping.

You know, I really don't believe myself, I won't finish on Sunday.  I have some gifts that will take some time to prepare.  I will be wrapping last minute items on Christmas Eve.

But, the good news is, our family is cutting down this year.  All of us.  We did it last year, and we are doing the same this year.  It feels good to not spend all of December trying to find the perfect gifts for everyone.  Last year we were more focused on what Christmas is all about, then on how many presents we got or gave.  It was so relaxing and just plain awesome. 

I realize that I'm posting about Christmas before Thanksgiving is even here, but, I'd like to be done with shopping before Thanksgiving, because Thanksgiving is where the holidays begin.  How better to start the holiday season off with saying what you are thankful for.  My list goes on, and on, and on.  I am truly blessed, but I'll save that post for Thanksgiving.

I guess, for me, shopping early means more time for memories and traditions with my family.  I don't want to be gone all of December shopping for other people, when I could be at home spending time with my girls and showing them the magic of the holidays.  It's a special time and the Reason for the season is more important than the gifts that you can buy.  I want my girls to know that Christmas is much more than Santa, that's just an added bonus!!  So with that...

Happy shopping everyone!!!


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