Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pumpkin Carving Contest

There was once a day when my family silently competed with each other when it came to anything artistic. We would joke around about whose sugar cookie was decorated the best or who could color the best egg for Easter, and it was all in good fun. Then, Tim Rush joined the family. From the time Tim decorated his first Christmas sugar cookie with the family, we have all felt the need to out do him. It's almost like my whole family against Tim because he is so artistic, except Tim always wins. So this Halloween, Sean and Tim had a pumpkin carving contest, we have yet to decide the winner. It started out as let's carve pumpkins with Riley and ended with my husband going to Michaels to pick up some ceramic tools to get just the look he wanted on his pumpkin. Riley barely joined in on the fun, she was more worried about where her other Elmo slipper was.

The set up

Trying to get Riley to touch the pumpkin guts, she wanted nothing to do with the guts.

Where is Melmo? That's how Riley says Elmo.

The competition begins

Riley decided she wanted in on the action and helped Mommy carve her pumpkin

Riley loves her pumpkin

Riley's finished happy pumpkin

Tim's finished skull pumpkin

Sean's finished Frankie, having a beverage

Riley's, Tim's, and Sean's all finished!!
And last but not least, Madison, the lazy thing, slept the night away on Pop Pop.


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