Monday, October 6, 2008

Madison Reagan Rush's Baby Shower

Because my mom is always looking to host a party, we decided it would be a good idea to have a nice, small baby shower for Ms. Madison. I did not get to do a nursery for Riley and I wanted a lot of big pieces for Madison and my mom thought it would be great to have a baby shower so I could get most of the stuff I wanted as gifts. I know so smart right? Everyone got us such great gifts and I'm so excited to do Madison's room. My brother got some great pictures of our little shower, everything looked so pretty. Thank you everyone for all of the awesome gifts!!

Joy, I wanted to thank you so much for the beautiful crib you and Dave got for us. We love it!! I'm so sorry you didn't get to make it to the shower, but more importantly I'm glad you are okay. We missed you a bunch but are really looking forward to Thanksgiving. It will be a great visit and we'll have so much to celebrate. Thank you again, as soon as we get the crib set up, I'll have pictures posted. Come to think of it, you guys might be helping us set everything up!! Love you and miss you. Feel better, doctor's orders!!

Here are some pictures of the table my mom set. I have never seen anyone set a table like my mom. She is absolutely the best, she knows how to set the mood and make everyone feel like they are sitting at the most glamorous table ever. She is so talented and has such a great eye for stuff like this. For the shower, it was a simple table but so gorgeous. I hope the pictures do it justice. Mom, I really can't say enough about you, you really made me feel special, I think I almost cried, but you'd never know it!!! One word, Beautiful!!

Here is a picture of the cake table. We ordered a cake from the most delicious bakery in the world. It's a bakery in Redlands. This cake rocked the house, I've never tasted anything more delicious. Mmmm, and we ate it all!

Here are a few pictures of the diaper cake that my Aunt and cousin made. I've seen these online, but never anything quite like this, they did such a classy job. I love this diaper cake, I have yet to take it apart. They are so clever!!

Here is the bedding I got for Madison, the colors are beautiful. I love this set so much that I got every piece possible. Her room will look so cute!!

Kissing Cousins, too cute for words!!

The balloons seemed to be a BIG hit!!



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