Monday, October 6, 2008

What's Up Cuz?

This past weekend was so much fun!! Stacy and Bella flew in from OK for our small baby shower for Madison Reagan Rush. It was so fun to see them both and Stacy looks absolutely amazing. She is soooo skinny and is definitely motivation for me once I have the baby.

Bella and Riley got along pretty well for babies. Bella is such an easy going, happy baby who just loves everyone. She is so good natured and sweet. She gives kisses to anyone who asks, I just love her so much. I wish I could see her more. Riley, is very used to being the center of attention because she is the only Grand baby that lives in California. So she didn't really know how to handle Bella. She liked Bella but did not like the attention that she received from everyone, especially Grandma. I think Bella got nicknamed Uh Oh, by Riley. It was so funny, everything the baby did was Uh Oh or NNOOOO!! I wish we had had a video camera for when they first played together. Riley was a little afraid of Bella, she made some noises Riley was not used to and it freaked her out a bit. It was comedy. I think next time Stacy and Bella come to visit, Riley will be more prepared. She really does not get to play with kids all that much and once this sister of hers gets here, she has no choice. Plus, Bella will be walking by Christmas, probably running, so they will have tons of fun together.

Riley was not sure she was ready to share her Grandma with that "uh oh" from Oklahoma



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