Thursday, October 2, 2008

Doctor Updates

This week we had two doctor appointments in the family. The first was on Tuesday and it was for Riley's last shot before kindergarten. I can't believe she is getting so big. The nurse weighed her like a big girl and she got measured like a big girl. She weighed in at 30 lbs and she is 34.75 inches tall. I hope when she is two she is around 35.5 inches tall, because rumor has it if you double their length at two years old, that is how tall they will be as an adult. So if she grows that much more, she would be around 5'10 or 5'11, I think. I'm a six footer and for sports, that is GREAT, but for the real world, it kind of sucks. Try finding long jeans, it's impossible. I sometimes wish I could shrink at least an inch every time I go clothes shopping. 

Riley does not like the doctor because she knows that she gets shots there so usually it's really hard to take her in. As soon as the nurse walks in, Riley starts panicking. But not this time! She let the nurse check her ears and measure her head and everything, I was so proud of her. But then, the doctor came in to give her shots and we all know how it went from there. Poor little girl, I hate shots, one in the leg and one in the arm. She did really good though, I didn't have to give her her pacifier or anything, we just got a lollipop for being so good. Riley picked blue this time and from the looks of it, it was very delicious!!!

Today was my doctor's appointment that lasted much longer then it should have. The doctor checked me today to see if I was dilating. I am dilated to a one which is the same as about a month ago. For those of you who don't know, I was in the hospital for about 5 hours a couple weeks ago with contractions and they had to give me two shots to stop them, very fun. Especially for my mom who had Riley and was leaving for Hawaii the next day. Her and my dad were afraid I was going to have the baby when they were gone, I reassured them that I was not and that I'd cross my legs if I had to!! Anyway, I have been having some contractions and really weird pains lately that I wanted to ask the doctor about. Also yesterday, Madison was not moving around like she usually does and that combined with the pain I had really scared me. So to be on the safe side, the doc sent me to Labor and Delivery to get an NST and everything is fine. Baby is good and is measuring beautifully. When the doc examined me, she said she could feel the babies fingers up by her head. This is funny because for a while now , I've been telling my mom and Tim that it feels like the baby is scratching me, vay down der. And I was right!!! I thought that was really weird and just had to share it with the world of blogging. So everything looks good with us and I should deliver on time or maybe early by a couple of days. So I guess my dreams of delivering after my due date are slim to none. Oh well, as long as our baby is healthy, I have no complaints!!


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