Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Little Imagination

My Riley girl is changing every single day.  Every day she is doing something new or is interested in something different.  I've been waiting for this.  She finally will let me teach her a thing or two without a fight, is showing a lot of interest in learning, and is developing quite an imagination.

Three days ago, Riley ate lunch with Dora. 

Riley eats her lunch up at the island and always wants Madi to sit next to her in the high chair.  So, usually, on a normal day, it's just the three of us eating lunch together.  Well, on Monday, we had a visitor.  Dora the Explorer enjoyed one chip and a glass of Sprite.  Riley picked out Dora's lunch, and made sure that I scooted Dora's chair in so that she could reach her chip and sprite.  Dora sat vacantly in the bar stool next to Riley and they enjoyed some good conversation, it appeared to be all one sided, but in the land of make believe, I'm sure Dora had a lot to say too.  After a little visiting with Dora, Diego and boots showed up but quickly ran upstairs.  Conveniently, this happened as Riley was finishing her last bite of lunch and she asked me if her and Dora could go find Diego and Boots.  I quickly washed her hands and we ran upstairs to find them.  First, we Riley saw them half way up the stairs, then they must have sprinted because she looked over her shoulder and informed me that they were all the way upstairs, she even pointed to them.  Then Diego and Boots ran to Riley's room, Madi's room, and ended up in Mommy's room on her bed.  A few minutes later, I was getting Riley ready for nap time and she informed me that Dora, Diego, and Boots all went to the park and were no longer here.

Tuesday, we played with make believe, see through Elmo.

Wednesday, Riley pretended to be a cat half the day, and a puppy the other half.

Can't wait to see what happens today...



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