Tuesday, November 10, 2009

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My Mother's Dancing With the Stars party at my house was so much fun.  I think all the lovely ladies that could join us for a wonderful night had a really good time, considering what we put them through.  I've had my Mom post about it so check out her blog to see all the fun!

A few more thoughts,

I think I'm going to leave our red carpet from our party out indefinitely.  When I go to get my mail, I feel like royalty, sometimes I wave to passing cars from my red carpet, I think I might eat my lunch on my red carpet later today, then I might put on one of my old winter formal or prom dresses from high school tonight and walk it.  We'll see.

The last thought, what does a husband do when his wife has crazy women over at the house for a Dancing party, and he has strict orders to lock himself in our bedroom?  Why, he takes a bath of course.  Let me tell you how funny I thought that was, Tim does not take baths, well, alone anyway, wink, wink (TMI??  So sorry).  So when I went up to tell him all the crazies had left the building and I saw his bath, I really had to hold in my laughter.  He was renewed and refreshed, and had rearranged our room so that he could sit in our chair and watch ESPN.  When I asked if I could take a picture of his bath, he quickly let the water out, and told me no, because I'd blog it.  Well, picture or no picture, he was right.

The last, last thought, thank you to all the ladies who joined us in our fun night.  I hope we can do it again!!


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