Saturday, March 27, 2010

My Husband Can't be Trusted.


Can't be trusted.

This morning the hubby popped out of bed with extreme amounts of energy telling me that he needed to go to the bank.  What?  The bank?  I said all that in my head by the way, hence the no quotes.  "Why?"  I asked.  Thinking the worst, I thought he had ran out, put thousands down on a dirt bike and didn't tell me.  He already knows that  is grounds for divorce.  If we can't return the bike that is.  We have a spoken agreement.  I was thinking that he had done that though, and was watching my dreams of granite rapidly diminish.

So, what did he do, you might be asking yourself.  I know you are all at the edge of your seats reading this post.  I know, I write intriguing things.  I'll just come out and tell you.

Last night, the hubby apparently couldn't sleep.  The TV was on in our room.  What do you usually watch on TV at 3:00 in the morning?  Yes, if you said Infomercials, you would be correct.

They suckered him in.  They did.  Those infomercial people.  He purchased $160.00 worth of workout DVDs.  Yes, you heard me correctly.  $160.00 worth of DVDs.  What is wrong with him?  Seriously?  And, he thought he HAD to go deposit his paycheck in case we didn't have enough money in our account.  See, that's why I handle the account, and the bills, etc.  I like to keep him in the dark about how much money we really have.  It's what all good wives should do.

Well, that's not even the worst part.  He's expecting me of all people to do this with him.  They are not normal workout DVDs.  They are insanely difficult reshape your body in 60 days workout DVDs.

I told this to my brother this morning when we went to go get some lunch.  Sean has tried them.  He told me that Tim made an excellent choice.  What?  My brother is behind my insane husband?  I really was thinking that I could be dreaming.

Sean tried them, like I said.  He tried them for 3 days and then quit.  This was right after his baseball season, he was in pretty good shape.  He couldn't hang.  He couldn't hang with these DVDs.  Tim, is weird, like weird like I can run 3 miles straight even if I haven't done any kind of physical activity in 6 months weird.  He has energy like that.

I, don't.

I don't really like to work out, which is weird because I played college sports.  That's all you do, workout, play, workout, play, workout, play, I could keep going with this but I think you get the point.

I'm going to die.  Tim has been trying to motivate me all day.  He says that we can motivate each other.  We can do this.  "You are competitive, that should help," he told me.  We will see.

The DVDs get here in a week.  Apparently Tim was one of the first 500 callers so he received free priority shipping, woo freakin doo.  Now I get to start working out like an insane person in a week.  He, is, going, to, kill, me.  Or is trying to.  Maybe I should get an insanely huge life insurance policy out on him and take him to the limit.  We'll see whose trying to kill who then, right?  Am I right? 

So wish me luck.  The competitive part of me says I have to at least make it four days.  Then I beat my brother's record.  Or, I stick it out to the end and kick my husband's @$$ the whole way through.  We'll see.  I'll let you know how it goes.

In the mean time, check out the link to our workout DVDs.  Then tell me if you are scared for my life or not. 

Click me.

And now, just wish me luck.


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