Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I'm a Lappy!

Okay, I made that word up.  I'm calling myself a lappy now, because..........drum roll...................

I got my laptop!!!  Yay!!!  Ah, isn't she a beauty???

Bye bye annoying, freezing at every second computer.  The lappy has replaced you.  Well, not entirely, I will still work on the old lady, but no more blogging, picture editing, background making, emailing, etc.  She's strictly a boring old work computer.  The lappy is my newest best friend.  I can see a nice, stressless life for the two of us.  It's, I think, a match made in heaven.  I almost went with a Mac.  Does anyone out there have one of those bad boys?  I seriously considered it, and then decided that I just wasn't ready for that much awesomeness.  This lappy that I ended up with is actually pretty sweet, aside from the Mac, it's the best way to go for my needs.  Of course I still need a router for my wireless, but I've played a game of spider solitaire on it already and I won.  That's a good sign. ;)

 I can't wait to really start using this new friend.  Hopefully this means I'll be putting more backgrounds together for the new blog.  So, feel free to congratulate me on my newest purchase.  I work hard for this stuff you know...

Oh yeah, and feel free to call yourself a lappy as well if you have a laptop.  I thought maybe we could start a club.


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