Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Totally Terrific Tuesday

Guess what we did yesterday?  Nothing special.  Or was it?

This guy....

took the day off!!

There is nothing better than a Daddy.  Except for a Mommy.  Daddy's are fun, Daddy's are loving, Daddy's are, Daddy's.  Seeing Tim with his girls is always perfect.  It's the perfect day.  He's not afraid to get down and play with them, not afraid to act goofy with them, and not afraid to show his love for them.  It is wonderful.  I always am the happiest when Tim is home.  He is one terrific Dad.

Last week, Tim worked a lot, gone before the girls woke up and not home until after they were back in bed.  I don't like when he works that much and neither does he.  It's hard on everybody.  The last thing Tim wants to do is spend the weekend away from his girls (that includes me ;).  So Monday night, I asked him if he could take the day off on Tuesday.  He really needed it, he's had a cold that he just can't kick and he's really worn out.  So, he took the day off!  It was a great day.  I had to work of course, and run a few errands, but, we ended our day perfectly, we Riley decided we should go to this place...

The girls love the park.  Favorite place to be, aside from Gwamom's house of course.  You should hear the squeals as we approach the park with Riley getting excited saying, "Go faster Daddy, drive faster peese!!"  Even Madi gets in on it, laughing and saying, "pak"

The first stop for my girls is always the swings.  Daddy and Madison had a little peek-a-boo game going on the side...

They love the swings but don't like to be trapped forever, especially when Daddy is there to play with them!  He is so much fun that Daddy!

Riley has become this new girl since starting preschool.  She really is a sweetheart and constantly is making me laugh, or yell of course.

Riley made a new friend at the park, it's so fun to see her interact with other kids.  She's nicer to the other kids then she is to me.  Boo Hoo.

Riley and Madison both figured out yesterday that they can go down the slide on their tummy.  Let me rephrase that, Madison figured it out, and Riley copied her sister.  Madison is crazy, and has no fear.  She scares me that kid!

We had an awesome time at the park.  Not too many people.  Kind of cold, but the kids were running around everywhere so it probably felt good on their hot little faces.  And, Daddy was with us.  I could really get used to this.  I think I'm going to look into becoming independently wealthy.  Wish me luck.

You always know when it's time to leave because one of them always does something like this...

Bye, bye park.  Until next time...


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