Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Mail Box

March 24, 2010

To Whom it May Concern,

What is the best thing that comes in the mail?

Maybe a birthday card from a best friend?
A tax refund? 
Something that you've ordered and can't wait to get?
A new catalog to your favorite store?
Your magazine subscription?

I'm going to go with none of the above.  Yeah, the birthday card is great, and the tax refund?  It's my money anyway - break post: get your hands off government (sorry for the outburst, I'll try to contain my real feelings about what is going on these days).  Resume post:  An order received?  Very cool but not a surprise.  Same thing with the catalog and magazine subscription. 

So what is the best thing that comes in the mail you ask?  This...

A package to Riley and Madison from their cousin for Just Because Day.  Just Because Day, is just that, because, because I love you and miss you, because I feel like doing something wonderful for you today, just because.

Riley was so excited she went straight to the family room to open it.  FYI, everything happened so fast that I just grabbed the camera and tried to take some pics.  A lot of these are blurry, and I didn't have time to switch back to my regular lens.  I had the zoom on so the pics are practically taken from our neighbor's house ;)  Not my best effort.

What is it??  What is it???

Inside the package were a few toys and books from Bella to the girls,


Madi's turn...

...and the best part, is Bella made a beautiful Just Because Day card all by herself out of love for her cousins.  Is this not the sweetest thing? 

and the inside...

As a kid wouldn't this just make your day? I remember loving getting things in the mail. This, is a great idea! Good job Stacy, we can't wait to send something back to Bella!!

It was even worth the mess...
nothing a little vacuuming can't handle!!

So, the best thing that comes in the mail for us, is mail that comes just because.

We love and miss you Bella!!  Can't wait to see you soon!! 

The Rush girls.

P.S.  We loved all of the stickers!!


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