Friday, March 26, 2010


I love buttercream.  I really do.  It's fantastic.  It is glorious.  And, tastes much better than fondant.  I love buttercream, and I'm happy that my clients like it too.  I like to ice a cake in buttercream and make it smooth, it makes me happy.  I like it when I color too much buttercream and there is enough left in my bowl to cover some cupcakes.  Because then I make a batch of cupcakes, and I eat them.  I eat them because of the buttercream.  Riley is always a fan too.  We like buttercream over here.

So, take a look at some of the things I've covered with buttercream lately.  My most recent sweets.  I won't bore you with all of them, I'll just show you my favorites...

This first one is a cake I made for a woman who just graduated and is now a police officer.  She loves Snoopy and my client who ordered it for her wanted Snoopy on the cake somewhere.  Now I did this cake for a friend of mine, so the best thing to do was to go to her house and take a look at the Snoopy stuff that she had.  I found this great cartoonish cop car and thought, how great would it be to have Snoopy laying down on the top of the cop car like he does his dog house?  So that's what I did.  Threw a little cop stuff on the cake and voila.  This cake also feeds 30, it's one of my favorite two tiers to do.  They are the perfect size!

I had a hard time getting good pics of this cake.  My lighting was horrible (took these at like six in the morning).  I'm definitely no pro.  Guess it's time to read that book.

Second is a cake and cupcake birthday celebration.  We went to set this up at our client's GORGEOUS home.  I mean gorgeous, stunning, I've never seen anything like it.  She is a very talented gardener and I don't want to put her name on here, but she's very well known for her gardening in Riverside.  I wanted to take pictures of her yard.  Oh right, back to the sweets.  I got a little lost.  Colors, were lime green and grape purple.  It was my Mom's idea to do the top cake with a tipped over flower pot pouring out some of the things that our client loves.  Well, it ended up being the conversation piece of her party.  Everyone loved it, especially the birthday girl!!

Next up my first Tiffany Box cake.  I've done a number of box cakes but have not had any requests for a Tiffany cake.   So, I know there are many ways to do a Tiffany box cake, search images on yahoo or google, there are millions!!  So I picked a few that I liked to email to my client.  This is the cake that she choose that she wanted me to "copy"...

You can follow this link to see the cake on the cake artist's flickr page.  I don't know his/her name but I want to give credit where credit is due, it's not very often that Your Sugar Rush does a "copy" cake. 

My client liked the simple bow and it was her idea to put the bride's future last name on the tag with Co., instead of Tiffany & Co.  My client Tawny, did the shower in a Tiffany theme and it turned out gorgeous, if you'd like to take a look, click here, it looks like it was straight out of a magazine, that girl has skills!  Back to the cake, I added a few buttercream dots to the ribbon because I'm not used to doing just a plain cake with no artistic work to it.  But, I don't think it turned out plain at all and was very pleased with it!  Here she is...
All buttercream cake with a fondant lid.  I place the lid on a cardboard square and put dowels in the cake to hold it up.  This way my clients get the look of a fondant cake, but the taste of a buttercream cake!  It is all about the taste right???

My client was using these little diamond rings on the tables at her shower so I put one on top of the cake.

So which one do you like the best??

Have a great weekend!!


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