Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sleigh Bells Ring, are Ya Listenin'

Yeah, Christmas was December 25th, and today is March 31st.  I realize this okay.

I received a Christmas present today.  No it's not an early Christmas present, it's a late one.  I sure hope you are not confused.

Sean's Christmas present to Tim and me was to paint an old sofa table that was my Mom's.  This table was in awful shape and I was planning on doing it myself.  But Sean, is much better at this furniture refinishing thing than I am.  Tim is good too, but, I use him for other household repairs and improvements.

A little backup.  The sofa table is replacing a sofa table that already is in my home.  I use it as an entry table.  This one...

Yes, it's out of place but that's because I just removed it from where it sits to make room for my new guy, I don't place furniture in the middle of an entryway and think it looks good, trust me, I don't.  No matter what the picture might say.

Notice that it's missing a piece of glass?  Guess who broke that piece...

I'll give you three guesses.

Or, I'll just tell you.  Riley did it.  Want to know how?  Okay, I'll tell you.  She dropped a baseball from upstairs straight down and perfectly in line with my keys that were resting on the middle piece of glass.  It shattered.  I had a Mommy meltdown moment.  We know not to throw things downstairs, but sometimes, we disregard everything that Mommy has ever said to do something that seems like it will be really, really fun forget what Mommy has told us.

It's been broken for months, months even before Christmas.  I think she broke it in like September of last year.  I remember, having the new sofa table painted was on my list of things to get done before Madi's first birthday party in October.  Obviously that job didn't get done.  I won't tell you what else was on the list to get done because then you'll just think I'm a slacker, because some of it is still not done.

Here I go rambling again.  So, (do I say so a lot?  I think I do but I like that word, if it bothers you, I can start using a thesaurus The Saurus - that's what my brother calls it, long funny story but I've already started rambling and you are probably sick of it at this point, that and my run on sentences, so I won't bore you.) Sean dropped the table off this afternoon.  I LOVE it!!  Sean, you did such an amazing job and it matches everything perfectly.

What do you people think??  Like it???

A closer look...

Did you say you wanted to see another angle?

Please excuse the decor items that I have on the table.  I'm planning a Home Goods/Tai Pan/Kirkland's trip soon for the front room, I need things for the top and I'm thinking I need an ottoman for underneath.  Also, I'm thinking that the mirror is looking not so hot anymore.  What do you think if I replaced it with this...

Remember him?  He's supposed to go on a different wall, the one leading up the stairs.  I think I like him better here...

Of course I need to hang him up and everything but, I like it. 

Do you like it? 



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