Wednesday, March 17, 2010

3rd Annual Kelley/Rush St. Patrick's Day Dinner

They're always after me lucky charms...

Is that guy not the coolest?  Quick story about him.  Last night, I ran out to get some plates for Riley's party at school, and some green outfits for the girls (yes I realize that I waited until the last minute, don't get on my case okay), and I thought I'd run by the party store to see if they had anything green.  Well, after Target, I ran over see what I could find, and as I walked up, the dude shut the door on me because they were "closed" and walked away.  He didn't know it, but, he left the door a little bit open, so I snuck in!!  Yep, I snuck in and got what I needed.  Nobody shuts Kristi Kelley out of their store, nobody.  Oh yeah, I revert back to my maiden name on St. Patty's Day, it seems only necessary.  Tim's okay with it too, so don't go trying to start any trouble.  Did that turn into a long story?  Sorry, I'll try to keep the rest of this post short.

So let me get on to the purpose of this post:

Tonight, I hosted the 3rd annual Kelley/Rush St. Patty's day dinner. 

Everything was very festive...

So, here is another really quick short story.  I promise it's quick.

I shamed my family tonight.  They are Kelley's.  I threw a St. Patty's day shindig.  Did they come in green?  NO

No they didn't.  Did they feel stupid?  Yes, yes they did.  We were all decked out.  This is us...

This is the look Riley gave when I asked her if she could take a picture with me. 

It's obvious they didn't want to take a picture with their old Mom.  That was the best one that my Mom got.

So, after my Mom chuckled her way in the door after seeing this guy (yes I'm showing the picture again)

And saw that the Rush's didn't fool around with getting all decked out for St. Patty's Day, we headed down to Walmart to see if there were any festive shirts left.  We lucked out and found a shirt for everyone and headed back home.  I quickly made some green beer, because, it was time. 

My Dad then showed up and annoyingly kept asking me when dinner would be ready...

So, we showed him all of this....

and told him to hold his dang horses.

My dad can be such a pain sometimes!  The menu was corned beef ruebens and coleslaw, oh yeah, and cupcakes for dessert.  Sean asked that I whip together a horseradishy, mayo with some Worcestershire sauce so I did, and it was delish.  Then, my Mom said throw some of that horseradish in our deli mustard, and I did, and omg, yum, yum, yum!!!!!!!  So good.  I'll never have mustard the same way ever again! 

Right before dinner, we got a surprise guest...

any guesses as to who it might be?

Why, our very own leprechaun.  How lucky are we?

Yes, that is Tim, the love of my life.  It's times like these when I feel like the luckiest woman in the world.  Wait, let me have a moment...



Okay, I've contained myself.

The dinner was lovely, the guests were fantastic (excluding the fact that none of them wore any green, until our Walmart trip)

Thanks everyone for joining in such a fun night.  I promise next time my kids will behave already be in bed by the time you show up.

The lucky four leaf clover cupcake didn't get eaten. I guess it's all mine...


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