Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Blogger Tips

Hi guys.  I just wanted to let everyone know about an awesome background and header site that I found.  Follow the link:

Butterflygirlms Blog Designs

The cool thing about this site is that it's not an html code that you copy and paste to your page elements page.  This site asks you to change your entire html code to get a complete blog look from the header, to the background to posting dividers.  Now, I would not recommend changing your entire html code, this will change your margins, and since all of you have pretty much gone big, you don't want to screw that up.  So, what you do is you find whatever background you like on her page and pull up her html code.  Find the links to her photo bucket images (these will be, the background, header, etc. that you want for your own blog.)  Then, where she has her links in her html code, that is where you want to put it in yours.  This way, it does not matter what template you have, two column, three column, two column with big pics, etc, you can choose whatever background you want.  You are not limited.  I tried it with a two column background on my Mom's blog, and as you can see, it worked for a three column big picture blog.  So, if you know a thing or two about your html code, under your layout tab, I'd recommend giving it a try.  Just make sure to download a copy of your html code that you have now before you mess with it, that way you can always go back.

If you have any questions, or would like step by step instructions let me know, I'd be happy to do a post on it.  Also, if you like the snowing effect I have on my blog, you can get that at her site too.

Be sure, if you use one of her backgrounds, you also copy and paste the design credit portion of her html code and put that on yours too.  It will show up on the bottom of your page.  Have fun, and I hope this is good info for those of you who still want a background but can't find one because you are just too dang big with your gorgeous pictures!!!

Also, if you want a background but don't want to bother with all of this, do a search for a stretch minima blog background.  You can either find a background that takes up the entire screen with no sides, or sometimes, find them with the sides.  I know that the cutest blog  has some of these, and also scrap e blog.  Just look under stretch minima, or stretch.  These sites allow you to just copy and paste a code to your page elements page.


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