Wednesday, December 30, 2009

About That.

New Year's Resolution.

Don't have one.
Not going to have one.
I don't really care this next year if I have one or not.
Not going to pressure myself.
Not going to make myself worry about one more thing than I have to.
Seriously, I don't have the time to worry.

I'm tired.
This whole last year is now making me feel drained.
Orders (1-4 a week)
Ten months of this year has been spent not sleeping, seriously.
Working full time - for the folks, from home while watching the rug rats.
Cleaning my house.
Making my family breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
Playing with my kids (I like this one.)
Making sure we have everything we need (not want)
Being a wife (btw, this list is in no particular order)
Making sure our bills get paid.
Mothering (this includes, as you all know, diapering, potty training, scolding, loving, kisses, hugs, screaming, crying, not sleeping ever, much coffee drinking, a few more nights than you'd like to admit of having a glass of wine, or two, wondering if you are ever going to, shower, go potty, or cook alone ever again, bedtime routines, story telling, time outs...)

I'm tired. 
I could barely wake up this morning.
My kids don't listen when I say just five more minutes.
I'm tired

2009 was a good year.
A tiring year, but a good one.
We moved into our first house.
Made it a home.
Had many visitors.
Tim and I both still have our jobs.
Our kids are healthy.
We have things that we need.
We have things that we want.
We still love each other (I think, at least I know it's one sided.  I love the Mr. at least, I'll have to ask him how he feels tonight.)

But, I'm still tired.
So, 2010, just come on over.
I have no expectations, just faith.
No resolutions, just faith that I'll do the best that I can.
That's all I can do right now.
No extra.
My extra is already filled.
If there were 5 more hours in a day, I'd throw out a resolution.
But there is not.

To those of you that have your resolutions (which is all of America) good luck with those.  I will not be joining you.


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