Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Your Sugar Rush Sweets

It's been a while since I've posted any sweets on here so I thought I'd show you what else has been keeping me busy, aside from the kids and working, yada, yada, yada. I've had a ton of orders and thank God some very timely cancellations. Sometimes I really like having a cancellation but only when it's something I'm not very excited to do. Unfortunately, I've had some pretty fun ideas get cancelled, a Mickey Mouse cake, and a Luau cake to name a few. Oh well. I'm only posting the fun stuff. I've had a million cupcake orders. Apparently there are people out there that just like the taste of my cupcakes and they order them by the dozen, just to eat! I think that's so funny! My purse cakes have become popular and I have been seeing a lot of interest in those. I'm having a lot of fun with my business and I do hope to grow it more and more to one day open up a bakery. I'd love to have a store front and not only sell custom designed cakes and cookies, but to have cheesecakes, and brownies, and all that yummy stuff too. I've come up with so many delicious dessert recipes that I'd love to share with people too. Maybe one day...

Until then, check this out...

Minnie Mouse cake. I'm so bummed about these pictures. Took a bunch and when I put them on my computer to look at them, realized that there was a nice perfectly placed fingerprint right in the middle of every picture. I wonder who could have done that...maybe Riley???? I think I'm doing Riley's 3rd birthday in Minnie Mouse theme, and she just picked out her Halloween costume that just might be Minnie too, that post coming soon. The cake turned out really cute though. Check out the ruffled edge...

Mini cake for the two year old! All buttercream.
A cake I did mostly for taste for my Mom. I threw some flowers on there for fun and she put a pretty bow on top.

Purse cake, iced all in buttercream.

Pirate cupcakes.  These are all buttercream cupcakes with a little gold dragee earring.

This was the inspiration picture.

Baby shower cake, direction was blue and brown with some polk-a-dots and feet.

Crown cookies for mi Mama.

Purse Cakes. Both of these cakes are iced in all buttercream. The only fondant accents are the flower centers.

Wedding cake.

Baby shower cake.

Rock and "Role" Play Cookies.

High School Musical Cake.



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