Monday, September 14, 2009

Thank You Mom + A Teaser

First off, I want to say that I have all of my windows open this morning and it feels amazing! I hope it stays like this all day long.

With my Grandma moving into my Mom's house, I've found some pretty neat stuff at my house. I just received a sofa on Friday for my bonus room and my Mom brought me over a little table for my master. I've been searching for two pieces for my bedroom that I have not found yet. I don't have a million dollars to spend so I'm trying to find some pieces that I can paint or am saving up for one in particular that is way too expensive. Anyway, I bought my bedding before we moved into our house and since then, I've changed the colors I want in our room. Originally I wanted browns, but, blah, that's boring. So I've decided to go black, white, and aqua. My Mom had some curtains from when she redid her bedroom (hers is gorgeous in aqua and chocolate brown, so soothing). My Mom likes to buy things, and then not return them, so she gave me these pretty aqua curtains and conveniently she had three panels. Perfect for my bedroom! Thank you so much Mom, I love them!!! I went to Target yesterday for some rods and I love the way they turned out. My bedroom is far from completion but, it's getting there. Here's a little teaser of what's been done so far.

Here is the little Popsicle table my Mom brought over on Friday, it's perfect for right now because I'm slowly phasing out the brown. Once I find the bedding that I like, it's all going bye bye, but I love the way this looks right now!

The one panel we hung in the bathroom, I still need to fix this so don't judge it just yet.

The curtains in the bedroom.

Sorry, just realized that my foot is in this picture and that I desperately need a pedi.

I also realized that I have not posted any pics of the girls' bedrooms. They both are not yet complete, I still have to paint their names and put chair rail in Riley's room and a few other things, but when I get my new camera, I'll post their rooms too.



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