Thursday, September 10, 2009

Have Your Kids Ever...

1. Has your oldest ever pushed/kicked/hit/enter your own word here their younger sibling for absolutely no reason at all?

2. Have your kids ever played with their food just to see it fall all over the floor AFTER they saw you sweep?

3. Have your kids intentionally been as loud as they could just to wake up the baby?

4. Have your kids ever begged you for something to eat just to not eat it?

5. Have your kids ever been so dramatic that they both throw themselves on the floor in a crying fit because they can't get their way, AT THE SAME TIME?

6. Have your kids ever had days where seriously every five minutes something was wrong, oh yeah, and there are tears?

7. Have your kids ever been so particular about things that if turtle and lion are not placed exactly right with kitty pillow behind her head and blue and white blanket bumps out covering her, with her fan and light on she throws a fit and makes night night a pain in the #$$?

8. Have your kids ever thrown themselves back so forcefully in their crib that they almost knock themselves out on the other side?

9. Have your kids ever made you wonder what would happen if you just locked yourself in your room for a bit and let your monsters run around and fend for themselves, and realized that at least one would not survive so you scratched that idea?

10. Have your kids ever made you wonder what it feels like to be sane again?

11. Have your kids ever made you secretly think about that sound proof box your brother made up to put your kids in, when they are crazy?

12. Have your kids ever made you feel like the luckiest person in the entire world?

13. Have your kids ever made you feel like life really couldn't get any better than this?



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