Friday, September 11, 2009


This post was going to be a happy post until this morning. I just received my new camera yesterday and it is awesome. It's the same one that my Mom and bro have that I've been drooling over for months. So yesterday, my battery charged just as Madi woke up, PERFECT!!! A cute subject to pose for my newly found photography "skills." This camera is awesome, and so clear. I just love it. Until this morning. Aaargh!!!! I'm snapping pictures of the girls when my camera lights up this warning: !Error. Press shutter release button again. So I do, same warning. Grab my book. Instructions: Call the jack #$$ at Nikon technical support. Not a big deal. Call. Wait. Wait. Wait. WAIT - STOP THE DAMN MUSIC AND GIVE ME A LIVE PERSON PLEASE!!!! Excuse the French. Hi, my name is jack #$$ how can I assist you. I mean, drive you crazy, I mean, treat you like an idiot, I mean why am I in technical support if I don't like talking to people, I mean, I have issues and really shouldn't even have a job, I mean, what do you want lady, I don't have all day? So fun, just what I need to start my morning. A Jack #$$. So he goes through some procedures with an accent that is very hard for me to understand which is even more frustrating then the fact that I just spent a ton of money on a product that really shouldn't break within 24 hours of receiving it. Well, we try both lenses and he comes to the conclusion that it's in the body and I need to return it for a working product. GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you MR JACK #$$ for ruining my morning and for telling me that now in my "spare" time I have to go to the store to return something I haven't even had for 24 hours. Whatev.

Before it broke, I was having so much fun just playing around with it. I'm posting a lot because who knows when I'll be back up and running. I don't think I can go back to my old camera with having a taste of the new one. It's just not the same. I haven't edited these or anything but it was so nice to just be able to click and get the picture I wanted, not the delayed two second version. I'm really going to enjoy this camera when I get one that actually WORKS!!!!!



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