Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Walkin the Walk

I'm officially putting 9/28/2009 as Madison's first real steps. She has been walking from person to person for a while now, but starting on Monday, she has preferred walking to crawling. She still crawls but is getting more and more confident with her walking skills. I catch her walking from place to place all the time now. Or walking to a toy to pick it up and stand back up again. I'm so proud of my baby!!! Look at her go!!

Please excuse the nakedness of my children in this video. I swear my kids are always naked. Do you get to the point in your day that the clothes go off and on so much that they end up just staying off when you are at home? Or am I the only one? Most of the time my girls walk around with tops and no pants. Madi more than Riley but whatever, that's totally off subject.



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