Monday, September 7, 2009

A Good Weekend

...and for me, it's really not quite over, no work for Kristi today, yay!!!!

P.S. This post is really long.

*****Girls' Night Out (Friday)*****

Friday was a good day. I finished my work around 3:30 and I redressed Riley and Madison to head out for a little bit of fun. I got everyone slathered up in some sunscreen lotion and we headed down to the waterpark. It was dead, and so awesome. When I go to the park and I'm all alone with the two kiddos, I love it when there is almost nobody there, much easier to keep track of your children and you don't feel like you are going to lose them. I have to say, this time at the waterpark, it was ALL Madison. She loved it. She was crawling around everywhere screaming with joy. The few people that were there were just cracking up, it was quite a sight. No pictures though, it's hard enough to take both of your kids to the park and not lose them. Madi would have stayed in the water all night long but Riley wanted to go play on the swings. The other bonus of not many people there, we got both of the baby/toddler swings to ourselves. Madi in one, Riley in the other and they giggled back and forth. Super fun!

After a bunch of playing, I decided to take the girls over to Chick-fil-et for some dinner and more playing for Riley. They were both so good. Riley even took two trips to the potty so that she wouldn't have an accident. She also met some very nice girls in the play room that helped her climb up and over to the slide. She's so funny, she's gone down that slide at least two different visits now but every time it's like it's new to her. She's been doing the same thing at the park, almost scared now to go down the slide until she does it once. It's almost like she'd rather sit back and watch the other kids play. I'm kind of thinking that that might be because she's in her sandals from the waterpark and it's too hard to play with all those wood chucks getting stuck in her shoes.

So after a very fun time at dinner, we decided our next stop should be to go get a chocolate shake, Riley's favorite! So we drove through to get ourselves a delicious, cold shake and off we were to our house. I put Madison to bed, no bath, shame, shame, and Riley and I sat on the sofa WITH our chocolate shakes (Mommy was a nervous reck, she doesn't normally let messy children sit on the sofa with anything but water), and we watched Cody (Surf's Up) until Daddy got home. This is how he found us...

I love days like that, it makes being a Mom so much fun. Both girls were excellent and it makes me want to do that everyday, if only kids new that when they behaved it meant that they would get to do lots of fun things all the time!!!


Unfortunately, Tim had to work on Saturday. Surprise, surprise, he always works on Saturdays. So, I decided to make a return at Home Goods. I figured since I was going to Home Goods anyway, I should go to one that I haven't been to in a while so that I could do some shopping. So off we went to Irvine. Once again, the girls were outstanding. Of course, I couldn't do the kind of shopping that I wanted to because it's way too hard to keep the girls entertained and look at everything but I got a few things. On the way home, both girls fell asleep, which never happens BTW, but wouldn't go back to sleep once I got them home.

Tim came home around 3:30 and I had the girls back in for a nap so I said, "See you later, I need to go to Target and Trader Joes." I never do that, I don't ever really get to leave unless the girls are with me. I figured they were in for a nap so it wouldn't hurt. I accidentally wandered into Z Gallerie while I was at Dos Lagos and they have a beautiful mirrored dresser that is the perfect size for my bedroom. Unfortunately it's $800.00 and I just don't have that kind of money to spend on furniture. I could save for it, but we want to do our backyard next so I'll pray that I can find something on Craigslist, or save for it on the side, shhhh, don't tell Tim ;)

Saturday night, Tim and I ordered sushi in and watched a movie, very nice date night. Plus the sushi was awesome. Our fav sushi is from RA and we go there on date nights. We've been trying other places that we order in from and it's just not the same, we are never happy with it so we ordered from RA and mmmmm, everything was so yummy!! Nice date night.


Yesterday, we were trying to figure out what we should do. There are so many projects that need to get done around the house but we decided to have fun instead. We were thinking about going to the Aquarium of the Pacific, but after looking at the cost we decided against it because we could go to Sea World for free and just pay for gas and food, but, it was too late to go, the drive is too long to leave later than 9:00. My opinion. I did a little looking around online and we decided to head up to Big Bear for the day, thanks to this blog full of great ideas of stuff to do. We discussed the possibility of car sickness but figured we'd chance it. We jumped in the car after Madi's morning nap and made it up in an hour and 45 with nobody getting sick. AWESOME!!! Headed over to the Moonridge Animal Park and Riley had a blast. She loved it!

Madi spent most of the time at the zoo like this...

After the zoo we decided to go get some food and ended up at Maggio's. I mapped everything out before we went up there to make that part easier on us. The pizza was yummy, the girls were excellent, and I even let Tim give Riley her own Sprite. I never buy Riley soda. I'll give her sips but I just don't want to get in that habit. Well, she loved her Sprite and Madi loved her apple juice.

Me and the girls, it's blurry but whatever. I don't have a lot of pics of us.

The girls were getting tired but I still had one more stop that I wanted to make because Riley was talking about eating blue icecream all day long, so we had to get icecream. We stopped at North Pole Fudge and Icecream Co. and I had wanted to take the icecream down to the lake, but, the girls were totally out of gas so we ate our icecream there and headed home after that.

About 10 minutes down the mountain, Madi falls asleep and I'm thinking, oh man, we are home free, both girls are going to be out, no car sickness, Tim and I will have a pleasant ride home. NOPE!!!!! My poor Riley, starts saying owie Mommy, owie pointing to her stomach. Not 30 seconds later right before we pull off the road, Riley throws up everywhere. Poor thing. But, after she threw up, she felt so much better. We cleaned her and the car up and headed back down the mountain, with two children awake, and we hit this...


But, it cleared up pretty fast, it wasn't traffic, it was a DUI check point. Really scary that the guy in front of us snuck off down a street right before the check point. Anyway, ten minutes after the check point, Riley fell asleep.

But Madi was awake until about five minutes away from home!!! It was a fun day but I think we'll wait until Riley is a bit older to go back up. I don't like her getting sick.

And I got maybe one good pic of the sunset coming down the mountain. Pretty good for clicking in a moving vehicle...

Today, poor Tim had to go back to work and I'm thinking I'll head over to Walmart for some plastic boxes and I'll clean out Madi's closet. She's getting so big and I have so many outfits that are too small for her now. Maybe we'll even go over to Children's Place and get some new clothes. Hope everyone had a great weekend!!


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