Monday, August 31, 2009

An Unexpected Visitor

Last week, I got an unexpected knock on my door. Well, actually, it was not a knock, this person does not knock, he just walks in like he owns the place. On Wednesday of last week, Sean had asked me to help him with a cake that he wanted to make for one of his good friend's birthday. I told him I'd be more than happy but he was going to have to pick up the cake pans and bake his own cakes, etc, etc. It was for Friday so I told him he had to start baking right away. Well, he decided that he wasn't going to do it until he got a lot of pressure from his friend's new bride. I guess they knew that if Sean agreed to make the cake, he'd be coming over here to my house for me to help him with it. Well, it worked! So Thursday afternoon he came over and I quickly gave him some cake pans and he got to work. Lucky for him, I had eggs, and I always keep cake mix and a few store bought fillings for unexpected, last minute orders that I wouldn't have the time to make a cake from scratch. So he quickly got to work filling two eight inch square cake pans.

His cake design was an XBOX 360 because they love playing Halo, I think that's what it's called, not much of a gamer myself. I hate doing a cake like this last minute because I like to have the correct dimensions, 360 views, etc. Well, Sean decided that the eight inch pans could probably do the trick. After the cakes were in the oven, he looked up the dimensions and I quickly realized that the easiest way to do it would have been to do a sheet cake. Well, I don't have any sheet cake pans because quite honestly, I don't offer sheet cakes, I just don't, I don't like them and I feel like if someone wants a sheet cake, they should just go to Costco, or Albertsons to pick one up. For something like this that is the shape of a sheet cake, it would have been perfect to have a pan. Or, I would have just done one big 12" square and cut 2 inches off the side. Anyways, long story short, I (I mean Sean) ended up piecing it together.

Sean filled and crumb coated his cake himself

When his cakes were baking, he headed off to the grocery store to pick up some rice krispie treats to mould his controller. Now, somewhere, either on the way to the store, or on the way back, Sean came to the conclusion that he was now the cake boss. Now, all he has done thus far is mix up some cake box mixes and put them in the oven. He didn't even grease his own pans. Must be nice to have that much self esteem ;) So he moulded his own controller and I verbally told him if I thought it needed anymore anything. He rolled out his fondant for his controller, and I (I mean we) covered his controller.

Sean definitely did a lot of this cake himself and he had a great time doing it. I too had fun teaching him how to do stuff. He loved luster dusting some parts to make them shiny and he loved working with fondant. He had some great ideas like writing Happy Birthday Laz with the controller wire, and writing XBOX 23 because his buddy turned 23, instead of XBOX 360. Sean is a very clever fellow!

It's a good thing I had a lot of extra stuff just hanging out because Sean never had to go to the cake store, the board was a little bowed but, it worked!! So what do you think of Sean's first cake?



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