Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Our House, in the Middle of the Street...

Here are more updates on our house. We have everything painted except for the two bathrooms upstairs. Riley and Mad's rooms are painted and ready for the decorative painting that we are going to do. I'd tell you what we're doing, but I want it to be a surprise!! The house is officially ready for carpet. I don't know when it will get there, but, I'm moving in Friday. With or without my family, I'm there. Tim and I just bought a mattress set at Costco (on sale with a coupon by the way, anyone in the market King or Cal King, Sealy) a cal king that is hanging out in our family room, so I'm moving in. I'm ready, as of Friday, our internet will be hooked up (so I can work), and our fridge should get there (so we can eat). We still need to install the flooring in the laundry closet, and many other things, but I'm ready to move in now so that's what I'm gonna do!!

My Dad prepping for the master painter.
Sean holding Mad for me, so that I can paint.
The master painter, doing what he does.
Kitchen with one coat of paint. The paint we choose dries so much darker than it goes on. I love the way it turned out, even if nobody would let me paint the back wall red. What is one more color anyway?
The finished room, with the paper off the floor.
I had to hang something, so here is my new clock from Tai Pan. I'm doing reds, chocolates, creams and browns in my kitchen.
Our first fire, awww!

The men and their beverages, all done for the day!
Dead soldiers and glass cleaner, what kind of party is this????



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