Monday, January 19, 2009

Furniture Frenzy

So this weekend we got almost all of our furniture in the house. It's not all exactly in the right place but it's here. I feel so overwhelmed because there is still so much to do. I'm also a bit of a neat freak and to have everything still out of order is getting to me. My kitchen is really big and I've never had an island before and getting used to it is hard. I have so much work space that I end up starting dinner in one place and finishing up in another!! I need my Aunt Diane to come help me organize my kitchen. The china hutch is in so that will help with storage but it's all still crazy. I'm waiting for the morning when I wake up and everything is perfect, I'll let you know when it happens!! Here are a few pictures of what's been going on. I'm not putting really good pictures up because I want to get everything in order before I show the finished rooms. It's more fun to get a sneak peak and then the real thing. Sometimes a room in progress is SCARY!!! A few tid bits...

This sofa my Grandma Kelley gave us and it's going in our living room. I love it, it fits in with the colors I've chosen better than I expected. We are purchasing a small sectional for the family room and after that, hopefully a bistro table and then we're done with furniture for now. Oh yeah, and two nightstands for our master, if anyone knows anyone trying to get rid of nightstands, let me know. It does not matter what they look like, we will refinish them!!

So can you say cake crazy?? Who knew a person could have so many cake pans!!

We kind of got the guest bedroom put together. This bed was the first piece of really nice furniture I ever bought. I'm so glad we have a spare bedroom to put it in!! The other two pieces in the room we have plans to refinish.

Here is the wonderful TV that Tim's parents bought for us!! We loooove it!! I have random decorator items all over the house, this is not the way it will look when we're done!

Ahh, doesn't my work space look soo much better???? Yes, that is a doughnut on my desk, but if anyone asks, it's not mine. Also, see the bathroom, it still needs to be cleaned and painted. My mom got our master painted this weekend, thanks Mom!!!

Some of us like to sleep instead of get any work done, but I'm not going to name names.

Riley is a bully, this is her pushing Ba Ba over on the tile. I don't think Ba Ba minds though, do you???

So where is my bed going???

To the right, now to the left, down, down. Perfect. Madison lets us know where to hang things.



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