Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What Happened?

I blinked I guess because Madison is already three months old. It's amazing how fast they grow. She's doing more these days and it's a lot of fun. I've gotten her to belly laugh a couple of times, all day long I've been trying to post a video if it but it's not working. She's a very social baby and loves to be talked to, she's actually quite nosey!! She talks way more than Riley ever did. Riley never cooed or anything, she was silent unless she was crying. Riley really only started talking around 18 months, talking has not come easy for her, I blame it on the sign language ;) But this is not about Riley is it??? Madison is so fun to play with because she smiles so easy. She also loves kisses, and loves her bath. I think she might roll over soon, maybe three weeks from now she'll be rolling. I catch her on her side all the time. She likes to look at her hands and her feet and anything else we put in front of her. She also loves to eat, she is definitely a pig!! I hope I'm not forgetting anything because the baby book is still...somewhere.

Here she is with Uncle Sean!! They both look so happy.



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