Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Thank You Grandma

Here are a few pics of when Grandma came over to see how Riley enjoyed her kitchen. Grandma likes to come over for lunch, I guess I make a pretty good turkey sandwich.

Mmmm, nothing like a good cheese burger for lunch.

I think Grandma is thinking about that turkey sandwich I'm about to make.

Riley giving Madison a sip of her cocoa. By the way, if anyone has Picasa 3, it is amazing. I'd recommend downloading it if you haven't already. Madison had some spit up on her chin and I was able to photo shop it away. Amazing!!!

Riley pouring herself some cocoa.

Madison having an ice cream cone snack.

Riley taking away Madison's ice cream cone snack. I guess she does not realize that Grandma bought the kitchen for her AND her sister. I'm sure one day, she'll figure it out!!!

Is it just me, or is my kid obsessed with the cocoa???



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