Thursday, January 8, 2009

10 +

This 8th day of January is a good day. Today marks the end of 10+ people and stuffed animals living together in one room. Today will be the last day we spend as a family in a 12 x 12 room sharing one closet and one bathroom. I'm feeling relieved, excited, and ready. Oh so ready. Tim and I have been ready and looking to move since February of last year when we found out I was pregnant. We thought for sure we'd be in a house by the summer. Boy were we wrong, almost a year later, we find ourselves almost there. It feels good. I feel like our lives have been on hold and now we can finally be a family. I have to say a very special thank you to my Grandma. Had she not okayed us moving our crazy life into her house, we would still be renting. She has made this possible for us and I can't say enough for that. I'm sure she's ready to kick us out and get her life back to normal too. Thank you Grandma, you have helped us make our lives better. And thank you to my Mom and Dad who have helped us as well through this long and lengthy process. Also for storing loads of our crap at both of your garages, that thank you goes to Dad!! And also thank you to Mitch who helped us find our very first house, he stuck with us till the end, even though it made him crazy. Also everyone who has supported us through all this and when it got hard, they told us it would be worth it. Tim's parents have been nothing but supportive and wish they could be here to help us make our house a home. Now, you won't see us for a year, we will be glued to our house with projects and family time, I can't wait!! Signing off, Mr. and Mrs. Homeowners.

Riley and I thought it would be a good idea to show you all of us living together in that one room.

You see that closet in the background? Tim and I share that half, Riley gets the other half. I know, how sad is that, we try to switch out seasons.

I think everyone is going to be happy with the move.

Night, night Baba's house for the last time.



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