Monday, January 12, 2009

Mattress Party

So, wish I had my camera, don't know where it is actually, because we are doing lots to the house! Tim and I moved in Friday night, well moved in our bodies, and have been sleeping on our new mattress in our family room since then!! I just couldn't wait any longer! Then Tim had to work on Saturday, and I've been without a car. Get this, the CRV got a flat tire, the Honda needs new parts, and the Acura blew out a tire all in one week. Craziness I know! So Saturday I was stuck in an empty house with two babies and no food. But enough about that, let's talk about the house. Today the carpet layer came and laid out all of the padding. Tomorrow we should have our carpet in and finished, I'm so excited. That means we can actually sleep in our rooms! The family room has been good to us though! Sunday Tim and my Dad moved almost everything out of our storage unit. It was so fun going through all of my stuff, and boy do I have a lot!! I thought I was going to have trouble filling up all the cabinets in my kitchen, but I don't think so!! I'm running out of room already and I don't even have all of my cake stuff in yet!! Hopefully by this weekend, we will have everything we own in our house and we'll be officially moved in! This is so much fun!! I'll post pics when I get my camera from wherever it is!! Ta ta!


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