Friday, January 29, 2010

When the Preschooler's Away, the Toddler Will Play!!!

I'm not the only one that has enjoyed Riley being in preschool.  Madison will not admit it, (she has a kind heart) but she has a blast when Riley is not around.  The house is her playground.  And, I let her go in Riley's room to chew on anything she pleases, Riley hates that Madison eats everything.  Hates it. 

Oops, those aren't the little babies that go to Riley's doll house are they?

You could probably classify me as a bad mother, but I have a weakness for the second beast.  I was a middle child, my older sister picked, and picked, and picked on me, and I was passive.  Not passive anymore, but, I was once.  I remember not having anything of my own, ever.  Stacy stole it.  Always.  Now, I am seeing that behavior repeated.  And I may or may not be having nightmares about it.  I'm hoping that one day I can stop the sister squabble thing, but in reality (some place I don't live in often) I know that I can't.

So, when Riley is away, Madi and I play!!  I let her do bad things.  Not bad, bad things.  Just semi naughty things.  Like this morning, I let her eat breakfast upstairs.  I am a firm believer in no food outside the kitchen, unless it's me.  Sometimes I don't even let the hubby leave the kitchen.  Just kidding.  But seriously I wish I did, hubby's are worse than the kids sometimes with spillage, especially when football is on.  Okay wait, I'm getting off subject.

Back to the point of the post.  I had lots of work to do today.  Accounting + January through April 15th = I'd rather be a bum on the street then working for my Dad.  Busy.  Busy.  Busy.  Not fun.  So, I really didn't have time to sit downstairs while Madi leisurely ate her breakfast.  Solution, I fed her upstairs.  She sat right next to me on my little ottoman and enjoyed pancakes, juice, and yogurt.  She did good too.  No spilling.  As I was walking up the stairs, I thought it was a disaster waiting to happen.  I was pleasantly surprised. 

You didn't actually think I'd let this beast feed herself did you?  I'm not that brave.  Not over my carpet.

Please disregard the long, in your eyes bangs on this kid.  Her first real haircut is tomorrow!

I guess through all my ramblings what I'm trying to say is, I've really enjoyed my alone time with Madison, we do fun things, and it's nice to have that one on one time with her.  She deserves that, and she loves it too. 

Hope everyone has a fabtabulous weekend!


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