Friday, January 22, 2010

Fifteen Months

Our little Madison Reagan is fifteen months old.  Wowzers!  She's practically an old lady.

She's a good kid that little Madi.  A few updates on her,

She only likes to take one nap during the day.  Two naps are no longer her bag, baby.  She's in there yelling at me right now, as I speak  write.  She sleeps really good at night though, anywhere from 6:00 6:30 or 8:00 till anywhere from 7:00 - 8:30 en la manana (sorry Dora has been teaching me Spanish).  Overall, I'd give her an A- in the sleeping department.

The girl loves her food.  I mean loves it.  She will try everything once.  Her fav, green beans.  I go through cans of green beans like nobody's business.  Good eater that one.  The other day, we were upstairs playing and I asked Madi if she was hungry, and she got all giddy, and baby ran to the gate at the top of the stairs.  She then tried to climb over the gate, like a crazy maniac.

She is officially potty trained.  Dookie and pee pee in the potty all the time.  Just kidding, I wish.

M.R. has been walking since she was 11 months old, and it still looks like she just started.  Talk about lack of focus when it comes to that.  I think she just tries to run everywhere.  And, I'm being a little sarcastic.  She can switch directions like a pro, but she is constantly tripping over her own feet. 

She has a whole herd of teeth.  I'm not sure exactly how many.  I stop counting after the first 8.

She seriously is comedy in a diaper.  That girl is constantly making me laugh.  Such a people pleaser, and so dang cute.  She seriously gets cuter every day.  But back to the funniness.  She brings it.  She brings the funny.  I like to say that she gets it from me Tim.

Everything still is in the mouth with that kid.  EVERYTHING.  When does that nightmare end?  She swallowed my earring in December.  Don't worry it was just a stud.  She had something in her mouth, again, and I went to get it out, when she tipped her head back to try to get away from me.  I got one thing out as I watch this sliver, shiny thing just slide right down her throat.  Nice.  The good news?  Tim got that diaper.

Talking, talking, talking.  Madi is a talker.  She repeats everything, in her baby babble of course, but it's pretty dang close.  I'd list all of the words that she says but honestly, I've lost count.  Some are, wa wa (water), eye, thank you, nigh nigh (night, night), that, no (nose), mou (mouth), cookie, sish (sister), etc.  Not used to this.  Riley talked so late.  She also can point out my nose, eyes, mouth, and ears, and point to things in books when I ask her where something is. 

She refuses to call me Mama.  My new name is DaDa, nice to meet you.

Hates to get her diaper changed, I think she'd run around naked if I'd let her.

Loves to give kisses, blow kisses, get kisses.  She is sooo lovey dovey.  She loves to sit in my lap with a toy.  She likes to back up into you and plop right down.  She really is a sweet heart. 

Trying to think of anything else that I should post on here and I'm drawing a blank.  Well, Madi is an awesome kid.  Has a bit of a temper, but that girl never gives up.  She is smart.  At least I think she's smart.  I love that little girl so dang much, more and more everyday.  She's just an awesome kid.  Love her.



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