Thursday, January 21, 2010

Daddy Love

I feel like I only take pictures on Sundays because that is when Tim is almost always home.  Unfortunately, that means my kids are always in PJ tops and diapers/undies b/c I do my picture taking in the morning.  This is also why you don't see many pictures of me, I'm scary in the morning, consider it a gift to you, the viewers of my blog.  I'm doing you a favor.  You are welcome.  Any who, my girls absolutely love their Daddy.  Dad's are the ultimate toy.  I can't tell you when I am more happy.  Watching the way he is with our girls just melts my heart.  That's one of the things that was on my list while searching for a hubby, a family man.  Tim is definitely a family man, and just a good man, period.  He even likes my crazy family and does not mind that I see them practically every day.  Not just for work, my Mom is a big part of my life and we hang out all the time.  Hello mother in law.  He is a good guy.  I think it's safe to say that I'm going to keep him around for a while.

When Daddy is home, our day revolves around him.  We eat our breakfast with Daddy...

We play on Daddy...

We take our phone calls from Sleeping Beauty on Daddy...

We stare at Daddy...

I think sometimes it would be nice if their were two Tim's.  The girls want a lot of individual time...

Uh Oh, I think someone intercepted the phone call from Sleeping Beauty.  Sorry Riley, I'm sure she'll call back after she dries off.


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