Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Good Start

Well, this year has started out pretty dang good if you ask me!!  My no resolution resolution is going great so far.  I have yet to stray, and don't think I will all year.  No failure for me!  Tee hee!

Our year started out with a last minute football get together with the familia.  Tim's favorite college team is the Ducks, and if you follow football at all, they made it to the Rose Bowl.  So Friday morning, Tim and I scurried around the house trying to get Christmas out, and normal back in before the folks showed up.  I ran to the store, picked up some goodies, Mom brought over guac and meatballs, and we had ourselves a pretty tasty spread.  Tim's team lost, but we ate good.  That's what really matters right?  No pics from this, I do have some of the food, but I don't want to make everyone hungry for naughty snacks when a lot of you are on diets.  That would just be torcher.

Saturday we didn't do much, I tried to teach Riley how to ride her bike, that is such a Daddy job.  I will never try again.  Talk about frustrating.  We ended up riding old faithful (the tricycle/Harley) up and down the street until Miss Fits threw a tantrum, and I carried her and the bike home.  Wow.  Kids can get crazy, especially mine.  I think I might be banned to my house for a while.  Last two times I went out with my beasts they threw massive fits, I tell you massive, I ran into my Mom at the grocery store during one of these bad boys, so she can back me up.  I've officially renamed my kids to High Pitch Screamer 1, and High Pitch Screamer 2. 

Sunday, fun day.  Daddy worked on Saturday and was off on Sunday so we spent the morning in our backyard and let the girls get some energy out.  We don't have much of a backyard, but have high hopes this year.  I think it's our next major project, we've discussed some plans, and Tim is going to go do some pricing for us.  Our main goal is to get a patio cover up because the sun is our enemy in this house.  Keep your fingers crossed that we (you know, me and that mouse in my pocket) , Tim can build that thing before summer.

Here are some pictures of us playing around in the back, I'm aware that my kids are in their classic attire. PJ shirts and undies. Don't judge me, it's Sunday Funday.

So grateful for the tub downstairs, it's easy to throw your beasts in when they are covered with dirt.  Nothing like a midmorning soak.

After Madi's nap, we ran up to the park.  I tried to get some pictures, but it's hard with two fast beasts.

Riley is into telling anyone that will listen that she's 3.  Poor stranger, all he cares about is that she moves so that his kid can go down the slide.

After the park, we gave the girls their dinner and Tim and I got ourselves ready for a date!!  My brother agreed to sit at our house with the girls asleep while Tim and I spent some time together...alone...at  Disneyland!!!!  We felt like such dirty rotten cheaters going without the girls, but we had a blast.  I am a very cheap date I'd like to add, only costing my husband $3.50 for a water, actually more like $1.75 because we split it.  It's the least he could do, he had me running around both of those parks like a 5 year old little girl.  Talk about a work out.  We did 5 rides in about an hour and a half, in both parks.  I got my work out for the day.  It was so much fun, and really needed for us.  We don't get many date nights so we cherish the ones that we do get!!  No pictures from this either, like I said, I was running around the park like a mad person, there is no time to stop for pictures, didn't even bring the camera.

Hope everyone had a great weekend to start off the new year!


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